Your Symptom Journal Network of Friends

Connecting with people for support, sharing information and making friends that have the similar experience of your chronic health condition can create a wonderful support team. The people with your health condition can offer valuable information, referrals and a great network of resources for you. You can share your experiences and send messages to your friends within the Symptom Journal site. It’s a wonderful way to stay motivated, create a support team and learn what is working for other people with your chronic health condition.

Friends to Support Your Goals

Sharing your health experience can help shed a whole new light on someone else’s health condition and yours. Having a network of friends working at becoming healthier creates synergy within the group and assists everyone in achieving their goals. Symptom Journal gives you a new way to connect, keep each other on track with goals, and send instant messages of encouragement and support to your friends. Invite your friends to join Symptom Journal and you will receive 30 days free added to your membership plan when they join!

Social Networking Brought to Health

In your profile, with sharing turned on you will automatically be added to the Friends Network group for the chronic disease that you are tracking within the Symptom Journal. The only information at this time we are making available to share is: user name, gender, health condition and goals. You may turn on or off your sharing feature at any time. Personal privacy and site security are features we take very seriously when your personal information is involved. Sharing information about your health condition, goals, websites of interest, books you’ve read, medications, doctors, research, and different therapies you’ve tried, will help support one another in our health goals. The number of people that we have on our team for support and friendship multiplies when you open your door to the world and reach out to people with your health condition in common. Together we are striving for healthier tomorrows.