Results Oriented Charts and Graphs

The ability to have a birds-eye view of your health data is a powerful tool to have at hand. There are so many different factors that create our health each day that it’s difficult without a technology such as the Symptom Journal to keep track of what creates our causes and effects.

Through your Daily and Monthly Questions you are feeding information into a powerful organizing web- based technology that is keeping track of your data and compiling statistics, which enables you to analyze and find the similarities, that on your own would be a nearly impossible task. In your Report Module, you have the ability to choose which date range and information you want the engine to compile for you in graphs and charts.

Through your Profile section, you choose the chronic health conditions you wish to journal daily and also input what medication, supplements and therapies you are currently using and wish to track. Whenever you change any factors in your treatment it’s easy to update your information in your Profile. These medication, supplements and treatments appear as items you can view, track and print in the Report area. Giving you feedback about the cause and effect of how you feel your current treatment is creating progress with your health condition.

Reports are Your Powerful Tool

Watching as your health history changes, outcomes improve and being able to see the trends are powerful tools in helping you create better possibilities for your health outcomes. You are able to customize your reports as to what data you want to view, what symptoms you want to focus on and then print these reports to help you make your best decisions.

You also have the ability to save these reports and send them as attachments to your health care team, providing them consistent, real time data facilitating the possibility of better health choices being made between you and your healthcare team.

The Ability to Understand Your History

Through your membership with the Symptom Journal you have the ability currently to access up to three years of data at any time. We will be working on membership plans that will archive data for individuals for extended periods of time in the future. Being able to see the cause and effect of medication, therapies, nutrition and your environment over a given period of time can provide powerful insights into what is working and what might be your next steps in your health condition.

Your Symptom Journal membership gives you the ability to compare different periods of time and different data to better understand your chronic health condition. Your ability to access your data and choose the reports you want to produce creates new understanding and the ability to make empowered choices when it comes to your health future.