Your Online Writing Journal Experience

How many of us have used diaries, scrapbooks or journals at some time in our lives? Probably quite a few of us have, whether it’s diaries when we were young or scrapbooks from college. Travel or emotionally explorative, journals are wonderful tools for capturing our deepest feelings, pivotal moments in our lives or just exploring our creativity.

When faced with stressful health conditions, we have found a Writing Journal can be a powerful tool allowing us to access many facets of our life, letting go and writing about anything that you are feeling or experiencing.

Journaling Provides You Insight

Chronic health conditions can be a stressful experience in our lives and a Writing Journal can help you explore your feelings, hopes, dreams and fears. As a tool, it can provide a cathartic experience enabling us to release stress and fears related to our health condition and how it affects our career, money, relationship, family and our futures.

Your Symptom Checklist is your starting point, the Daily and Monthly Questions provide vital information, and your Writing Journal is the narrative of your experience. Those narrative experiences provide incredible insights to what the next steps should be, ideas we have overlooked, or just a place that feels safe to vent your feelings.

Your Writing Journal automatically creates a new page for any day you wish to write. Your Journal is always in edit mode and you can search by date for entries that you have made previously. You will find in your Profile section the ability to upload photos and keep a photo history of your progress. Your current photo will greet you on your Writing Journal page along with your current goals, to be your inspiration and encouragement to stay focused on the life you want to create.

Keeping Your Focus on Your Goals

Your Writing Journal is a good place to keep track of your progress, brainstorm and create new goals. Keeping your focus and staying positive can be difficult at times. In your Writing Journal section, you have the ability to keep your goals alive for yourself on a daily basis. Some of us use our Writing Journal as a way to plan our future and write our gratitude list. Others use it as a way of seeing events in retrospect and gaining insight. Your Writing Journal is as unique as you are and you can use it as a tool to help create your best life.