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Your symptom journal contains some personal information. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect your privacy. At your time of registration with the SymptomJournal.Com you entered a limited amount of personal information about yourself to identify you in our system. Your individual personal information is never shared with any 3rd party. If a parent, spouse or caretaker is registering for you and journaling your information, they will have access to the data that they input about you.

Within your SymptomJournal.Com Profile you may choose to enable sharing of certain information with other members of the Symptom Journal community. When sharing is enabled the information that is shared is limited to: username, gender, age, health condition and your relationship to the journal subject. You may choose to participate in the Symptom Journal Friends Network by enabling sharing within your profile and you will be added to the appropriate health condition group. You may also choose to participate in the Discussion Community and communicate with other SymptomJournal.Com members. We do not share your email address with any 3rd party. You decide if you wish to receive our Newsletter. We may be in touch occasionally; we may contact you via email to provide account support.

Information collected during the registration process is done via 128-bit SSL encryption. We run a secure SSL certificate during your registration process. Payment processing and transaction records are processed within the Merchant One system only. They follow all standard requirements for secure transmission of personal and credit card information.