Daily Questions for Better Health Outcomes

It’s difficult to understand, without seeing all the puzzle pieces in place the connection between our symptoms and our daily outcomes. In your Symptom Checklist you have created a baseline symptom snapshot of your health currently, and in your Daily Questions you will be keeping track of your personal health statistics on an ongoing basis. Recording your information consistently will help you know where you are today, next week, next month and next year. Symptom Journal is a powerful tool in managing and improving your chronic health condition; your journaling allows you to understand how the different statistics are connected and how they affect your health.

Consistent Data + Knowledge = Educated Choices

Each chronic health condition has a custom set of daily questions compiled from the most prevalent symptoms for that health condition. Each question has a fully articulated answer statistically weighted to provide uniformity of answers between users when your healthcare team views reports.

After you have answered your questions you can graph any information within a specific date range and compare the changes over time. You will find that after a short period of time you have established a solid foundation of information that gives you a benchmark of where you are when making health decisions in the future.

Having consistent information for your healthcare team helps increase the probability of better choices being made for your specific symptoms and health needs. Detailed information, trends, cause and effect in medication and therapies may assist your doctor in seeing specifically when and what is helping or hindering your health condition.

Your Health Success is a Journey

Having answers to the complex array of questions that are at the heart of your health condition gives you a sense of empowerment and the feeling that choices have opened up for you again.

Many times in chronic health conditions it’s easy to get discouraged and difficult to feel that you still have choices or a sense of power and that goals are still attainable. We understand those feelings. For us, at Symptom Journal and our technology was the key to unlocking the door to many of our health condition puzzles. It pointed us in new directions, giving us answers to difficult questions and letting us believe that we have choices as well as answers once again.

We feel this is a partnership and a journey we are on together. We are patients that have developed technology to help other patients find their health answers. You are our inspiration and the reason Symptom Journal was created. We feel this is a journey of a lifetime and a mission we hold in our hearts.