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A Symptom Journal membership helps you reduce and manage your symptoms:

  • Your Symptom Journal membership gives you a plan. You have a history of your Hypothyroidism symptoms and health outcomes saving months or years discovering how to reduce your symptoms.
  • You feel confident about your health. You have a GPS to navigate what increases your Hypothyroidism symptoms increasing—an early warning system that shows you how to avoid what increases your symptoms.
  • You have a system for keeping your body operating at it’s best with Hypothyroidism. You have an integrated system for tracking what you eat; your sleeps patterns, and exercise—all key components for being at your best.
  • You know how to reduce your symptoms. Your reports show how your health and treatments are working or not working enabling you and your doctor to make changes that can reduce your Hypothyroidism symptoms.
  • You know how to create your best life. Your reports show you exactly how, what, why, and when your Hypothyroidism symptoms increase or decrease—a roadmap to know what to change to create your best life.
  • You can take back your power and take control of your health. In less than 5 minutes a day, our patent-pending technology shows you how your lifestyle choices, nutrition, and treatment affect your Hypothyroidism symptoms.

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Track Your Symptoms
hypothyroidism symptom checklistTrack your symptoms and learn how to reduce your symptoms and bring your illnesses under control. In 2-3 minutes a day you can answer daily questions that can show you how to create a healthier life.
Find Answers
hypothyroidism symptom reportsGet answers through reports that show you exactly how, what, why, and when your symptoms increase or decrease, helping you achieve amazing results and a healthier life.
Live Well!
hypothyroidism live wellLive well and know what choices to change based on the results you see in your reports. Your reports show you how to create a healthier life and with your doctor's help you can modify your treatment plan and live your best life.

Track Your Symptoms + Find Answers = Live Well!


We promise the information you gain, as a Symptom Journal member will give you invaluable insights and the possibility for life-changing results with Hypothyroidism, a personal road map for turning obstacles into victories. Don’t lose another day, become a member today—have the tools to unlock your best life.

You Deserve to Live Your Best Life with Hypothyroidism

Discover the power of symptom tracking:

  • Discover in real time if your Hypothyroidism symptoms are increasing or decreasing because of your nutrition, medications, and therapies, and how these choices affect your health outcomes.
  • Life-changing results can be yours through symptom tracking; eliminate wasted months and potentially years of not having accurate answers about what is working or not working with your Hypothyroidism treatment plan.
  • Feel confident with reports that you can share with your doctor when discussing your health, giving you facts to back up how you are feeling and how your Hypothyroidism treatment plan is working or not working.
  • The goal of symptom tracking is symptom reduction allowing you to manage your health and create your best quality of life.

Most of us have systems for managing our finances, weight, time, and exercise. Managing your health is no different. You can't manage what you don't track. We are patients like you, who took action, created web-based health tools, found solutions to difficult questions, and wanted to share our discoveries to help you create your best quality of life with Hypothyroidism. Join our community as a Symptom Journal member and live your best life.

You Can't Manage What You Don't Track

What is Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is a condition caused by lack of sufficient thyroid hormones, causing our bodies not to operate at our healthiest levels. Hypothyroidism is the second most common endocrine disorder in the United States. Approximately 10 million people have been diagnosed, and another possible 13 million that have gone undiagnosed with thyroid challenges. Hypothyroidism seems to be one of the most under-diagnosed hormonal imbalances of aging. Women tend to have a possible 1 in 5 chance of developing thyroid problems in their lifetime and it affects about 2-3 % of older women.

Those of us that have hypothyroidism know that it affects almost every aspect of our health and is implicated in diseases that are often associated with thyroid problems. It is frustrating to gain weight without overeating, feeling too tired to do activities you enjoy, or to be depressed when normally you consider yourself a positive person. Learn more about hypothyroidism as a member of Symptom Journal.


Causes of Hypothyroidism

The exact cause of hypothyroidism has not been determined. Some possible causes of hypothyroidism or low thyroid production are: acute periods of stress, over-consumption of isoflavone-intensive soy products, radioactive iodine treatment, adrenal insufficiency, and post partum thyroiditis. More causes, plus less common factors and risk factors associated with hypothyroidism are discussed in the member’s section.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Since the thyroid gland is one of the regulators of our body’s metabolism, a low thyroid level has far reaching effects on major functions of our body. Symptoms are our first clues in understanding our Hypothyroidism and how it affects our body. Symptoms may include: fatigue and low energy, high cholesterol, unexplained weight gain, depression, feeling cold when it’s not due to weather or room conditions, and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). An extensive list of symptoms is presented in your Symptom Checklist. Through your Daily Questions you can monitor how your treatment, nutrition and lifestyle are affecting your health.

Diagnosis, Treatment & Self-Care with Hypothyroidism

Understand the process your doctor may use when diagnosing hypothyroidism. In the members area, there is a full description of the diagnosis process and possible tests that your doctor may order along with test score ranges for your information. We discuss the conventional treatment options along with alternative and complementary treatments that other individuals with hypothyroidism have found helpful. Our hypothyroidism Self-Care section for members explains how simple lifestyle choices can help improve your outcomes and quality of life.

As a member of Symptom Journal, you will be able to see how your treatment, lifestyle choices, and nutrition correlate with how your symptoms increase or decrease through our Reports area, allowing you to make timely changes with your health team that saves you money, time, and energy. Reduce your symptoms with Hypothyroidism by learning through symptom tracking and personalized reports how your treatment plan is working so that you can make health changes that allow you to live your best life.

Exercise, Nutrition & Support for Hypothyroidism

In the Exercise and Nutrition section for members, we cover some of the most popular diets and exercise tips that people have used to positively affect their quality of life and outcomes with Hypothyroidism. We also provide an Inspiration Toolkit for our members, giving them tools, support, and motivational techniques for staying inspired with their health journey. We understand the day-to-day challenges with hypothyroidism, and want to support you in creating a better quality of life.

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 symptom checklist
Track Your Symptoms

and learn how to reduce your symptoms and bring your illnesses under control. In less than 5 minutes a day learn how to create a healthier life.

 symptom reports
Find Answers

through reports that show how, what, why, and when your symptoms increase or decrease, helping you achieve amazing results and a healthier life.

 live well
Live Well

and know what choices to change based on results you see in your reports, showing you and your doctor how to reduce your symptoms so you can live your best life.