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Click on the icons above to learn about Symptom Journal’s many features Symptom Journal was designed to give you a simple, stress-free method of tracking your diet, symptoms, medication, therapy and environment. In only minutes a day, this easy- to- learn journaling system will give you consistent data and the opportunity for a better quality of life. We can each recall times when it’s challenging in our busy lives to remember exactly what preceded a symptom developing, a medication not working, what behavior worsened a situation or when or what therapy improved a condition. That is why Symptom Journal was developed to be your trusted partner in tracking vital information and delivering to you reports that help you deliver consistent data to your health care team. Seeing the whole picture gives you renewed understanding and clarity, empowering you in making your best health choices. The ability to see the bird’s eye view of your health, seeing what influences your past and present health outcomes is a powerful learning experience. Symptom Journal was developed to assist you in tracking your personal progress on a daily basis through an easy- to- use web- based technology. Everyone has different needs and lifestyles, it’s your decision how often you enter information, what information you want to track, there are no strict rules, your journal is your tool for better health outcomes. Journaling your progress, setting goals and seeing them become a reality is a powerful and rewarding experience, which can help whether you’re newly diagnosed, learning to cope with your health condition, trying to find answers or striving for a better quality of life. Chronic health conditions are a journey of courage, tenacity and determination, as fellow patients who are traveling that journey; we want to help make the road easier and the journey more rewarding.

Symptom Tracking for Your Personal Health

When I needed help with understanding, tracking, and analyzing my health system, I drew on my twenty years experience as a business consultant. I had used this technology when my sons were young and had health problems; it was the natural choice once again in giving clarity to my own health challenges. Blending journaling from counseling with accounting procedures from business gave us the underlying structure and design for the Symptom Journal. Reports and analysis improve my business outcomes, wouldn’t the same methods assist me in making better decisions when it comes to my health? Symptom Journal gives you more consistent data, allowing you to track your health in the same manner that you track your personal or business finances. The relationship between recording information, setting goals, the ability to review information and analyze data through reports and charts can make a dramatic impact on your health outcome and your perception of what is possible on your health journey.