Corporate Solutions

Health Management Solutions Made Simple

Symptom Journal offers the Corporate Solution version of Symptom Journal’s online membership site for individuals. Using the Symptom Journal technology, a multi user version will be available for HMO’s, PPO’s, health insurance companies, research hospitals, drug manufacturers, VHA, hospitals, doctors, teaching hospitals and more. Our web-based technology can help your patients stay motivated with their long-term healthcare goals, tracking symptoms, monitoring inputs and outcomes and creating their healthier tomorrows. Your business has the option of offering the Symptom Journal technology as an added feature from your company without added cost to the consumer or charging the suggested retail cost to your clients. Symptom Journal will be introducing bulk seat pricing and the Management Tour with the launching of the Corporate Solutions module. Symptom Journal technology can be a compliment to your business’ healthcare objectives. Our technology when used for healthcare management is a powerful tool creating the opportunity for better health outcomes, managing healthcare costs, better use of resources, increased patient doctor rapport and developing trust and relationship between the patient and your healthcare team. Contact us via email at: to learn about customization and pricing for your organization. Symptom Journal technology is a winning decision for your businesses and clients, because new beginnings start here.