Symptom Journal for Your Healthier Tomorrows

It’s important to know where you are, where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

Choosing the Symptom Journal gives you a quick, easy method to see not only where you are today, but also how that information relates to where you were a month ago and a month from now. Are you improving or is your health condition getting worse? What factors, patterns, medications, therapies, etc, are influencing your health?

Starting in your Profile with the Symptom Journal you are able to decide what chronic health conditions you wish to track for yourself, a loved one or your child. We suggest that you start with the condition that is your primary diagnosis, to get off to a simple start. You will discover a vast amount of information about how your health is progressing, what is working, and how your symptoms are improving from tracking your primary condition. Then as you get acquainted with the system, you may add another health condition to track along with your primary condition and a custom set of questions will be generated combining questions from both health conditions, making it the same easy and simple method.

Many people set goals, but how many people achieve the ones they set? It is not for lack of wanting those things to happen, but motivation can wane and it may be more difficult to see your goals through to completion. That is one of the key reasons the Symptom Journal was created, to assist you with staying on track, keeping your motivation alive and giving you the tools to turn your goals into reality.

Symptom Journal allows you to keep daily, monthly and yearly records of the factors that influence your health with streamlined accuracy through simple journal questions. In the Members Area, you will find many easy-to-learn skill sets that will optimize your use of the Symptom Journal including: sensing symptom trends and how to connect the dots when it comes to your personal health puzzle. These tools streamline the goal achievement process paving the way to meeting your health goals.

Achieving Your Health Goals

Goal setting is one of the most important factors in your success and an overlooked tool many times in medical treatment of chronic health conditions. With certain conditions it is difficult to stay positive, empowered and hopeful. We have been there. It is challenging when so many choices seem not to be in our grasp any longer. Goals are an important vehicle in getting from where you are to where you want to be. Your heart is the fuel for the journey and your beliefs are what create your future. Beliefs and goals are partners in helping you create your healthiest tomorrow.

Your goals will welcome you when you log on and greet you again in your Journal Writing section. Chronic health conditions are a journey that requires patience. By making goals and affirmations a daily part of your life, they bring your goals alive to you and will assist you in maximizing your success.

We want you to believe that you have the power to shape your life through empowered choices. It may be small steps at times, but believing in your goals and that a healthier tomorrow is possible, are critical beliefs for people with chronic health conditions. Beliefs are what shape our tomorrows, Symptom Journal wants to help you achieve your health goals and celebrate with you when you achieve them.