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Your Challenge:

  • You have only 15-20 minutes in a doctor visit and you are 1 of 1000’s of patients; you don’t feel your doctor has the time to get an accurate picture of your health situation.
  • Your lab tests are not verifying the health condition you know you have.
  • You are tired of trying pill after pill, experiencing side effects, and never getting to the underlying cause of your unique health situation.
  • How many times have you walked out of a doctor’s appointment and remembered that one truly important detail that you forgot to share? Your doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan is only as accurate as the test results and the information you give him.
  • You don’t have a system for giving your doctor verifiable information about your health and the symptoms you are experiencing.

Our Solution:

  • Maximize your time in your doctor’s appointment with detailed health reports showing both you and your doctor how, what, why, when your symptoms increase or decrease.
  • Have verifiable proof from your Symptom Journal health reports about how your health condition and treatments are working or not working enabling you and your doctor to make timely changes that can reduce your symptoms.
  • Take back you power and take control of your health. In less than 5 minutes a day, our patent-pending method will show you in real-time how your lifestyle choices, nutrition, and treatment affect your health outcomes.
  • Make a complicated situation easier. Our symptom tracking system gives you a written history of your symptoms and health outcomes-no more forgetting those important details. You can’t manage what you don’t track.

We promise the information you gain as a Symptom Journal member will give you invaluable insights to your current health situation and the possibility for life-changing results, a personal road map to better health. Be a partner with your healthcare team in determining your health future.


Your Symptom Journal membership gives you many tools to help you reduce your symptoms:

  • Symptom Checklists: Some of the most comprehensive and extensive symptom checklists on the Internet. The goal of the symptom checklist is to give an individual a snapshot of their health condition as it is today.
  • Comprehensive Information: Provides comprehensive information about your health condition covering a wide range of topics: disease description, cause, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, alternative and complimentary treatments, self-care, nutrition with resources and support for each health condition.
  • Daily and Monthly Questions: Designed specifically for your health condition to help track the most important factors contributing to your symptoms increasing or decreasing along with what influences your daily quality of life and health outcomes.
  • Exercise and Nutrition Module: An integrated system that helps you track how your food and exercise impact your health outcomes.
  • Reporting technology giving you customized daily, weekly, and monthly reports: Shows you what is specifically impacting your symptoms and enables you to see trends, giving you the information on how to reduce your symptoms and create better health outcomes.
  • A Writing Journal: Gives you a place to write about what is important to your health and your life.
  • A Goals Section: Helps you set and achieve goals with your health.
  • Friends Network: Gives you a place to connect with people with the same health condition and share your experiences while gaining support and community.
  • Inspiration Toolkit: Designed to be a place for support, motivation, and inspiration with tools and exercises to support you in your health journey.

Your membership to the Symptom Journal is FREE during BETA testing and will be set at a reasonable price going forward, so it's affordable for everyone.

Symptom Journal is a membership site without revenue from positioned content or ads. We wanted a personal and compassionate experience for our members, and a site that was designed for patients by patients. Become a member today and access tools that can make a profound difference in your health and in your life!

Track Your Symptoms
adult adhd symptom checklistTrack your symptoms and learn how to reduce your symptoms and bring your illnesses under control. In 2-3 minutes a day you can answer daily questions that can show you how to create a healthier life.
Get Answers
adult adhd symptom reportsGet answers through reports that show you exactly how, what, why, and when your symptoms increase or decrease, helping you achieve amazing results and a healthier life.
Live Well!
adult adhd live wellLive well and know what choices to change based on the results you see in your reports. Your reports show you how to create a healthier life and with your doctor's help you can modify your treatment plan and live your best life.