Your Exercise & Nutrition Journal

Food choices are important to everyone’s health, but particularly for individuals with chronic health conditions. Having a simple, effective, easy –to- use automated method of tracking what foods you eat, gives you clarity and insight into your nutrition choices.

Imagine in a couple of minutes a day recording when and what you eat and having that information effortlessly compiled for you into your Nutrition Journal. You can choose what information you wish to track in your Report section, whether it’s calories, carbohydrates, protein, sugars, sodium, which gives you accurate nutritional information on your daily meals and snacks. Writing what we eat brings mindfulness to what we are eating, that attention alone can help in changing eating habits, bringing the possibility of a healthier life our way.

As you type in your Nutrition Journal our technology will intuitively match your selection with the data choices available in the Food Database and record the nutrition information you requested to be tracked. Each day you will be provided a complete calorie and nutritional breakdown of the foods that you eat. No more guessing about food intake and what the weight scale says, it’s all there for you. An easy system that gives you calculations, whether calories or carbohydrates that is automatically calculated for you in your Nutrition reports.

Why Should I Keep Track of What I Eat?

Nutrition is an important factor in everyone’s life. Food creates chemical changes within our body, much like drugs and can be a powerful ally in creating a healthier life or a potential problem. You will notice in the Nutrition section of your chronic health condition center potential nutritional therapies and foods that may help you with your health condition.

Because various foods can create a negative effect in certain health conditions, we have designated the most common Trigger Foods with a special symbol for a particular condition. For example, there would be an M next to foods that are known Trigger Foods for people with Migraines. Trigger Food indexing is an excellent tool in managing your health condition, making it much simpler to avoid potential foods that could worsen your chronic health condition.

Exercise is an Important Partner in Your Health

The Exercise Journal provides you with a simple way of journaling your exercise on a consistent basis. Moderate exercise of 15 to 20 minutes a day can jump-start your metabolism, raise endorphins, reduce stress and assist you in attaining your overall healthcare goals.

Excess weight can be a contributing factor in worsening various symptoms with certain health conditions. Weight can be one of the signals whether your treatment is successful in some of the conditions that are featured in the Symptom Journal. Our goal is to provide you with simple, easy- to- use software, so you will look forward to using the Symptom Journal each day to help you succeed with your health, exercise and nutrition goals.