Knowing Your Symptoms is the First Step

The Symptom Journal has created one of the most comprehensive Symptom Checklists to be found on the Internet. We have provided our clients with an extensive list of symptoms for their particular health condition as the first step in the Symptom Journal process.

We have found that knowing and understanding your symptoms are the first pieces to fitting together your health puzzle. Our symptoms act as breadcrumbs along our path of understanding how our disease presents itself in our unique situation. Understanding our symptoms and their underlying causes is the first step in becoming educated and empowered about your health condition.

As you view the Symptom Checklist for your chronic health condition you may see symptoms you have not seen before associated with your condition. This is a broad list and you will only want to check off the symptoms that you are currently experiencing. Some of the diseases featured in the Symptom Journal also have other health conditions associated with them, in those situations you will see symptoms listed for the coexisting health condition also.

Some people find they become aware that there are more symptoms presenting daily than they first remembered, this is not unusual. Symptoms are clues from our body helping us to understand our particular health condition. Through listening to our body’s messages we can better understand, respond and treat our health condition. We have found that symptoms that we have previously overlooked are sometimes the key to unlocking the next door with discoveries about our health.

Conscious Awareness of Your Symptoms

The second step after becoming aware of your symptoms is becoming conscious of how, when and why those symptoms appear in your life. Recording your information on a daily basis gives you consistency in your data and the ability to see where you have been, and whether there are patterns unfolding in your behavior, habits, medication or environment.

You will be journaling about the significant facts concerning your health on a consistent basis. Deciding how much and which information you wish to track is your decision. We have found that the more consistent and frequent you enter data, the more you can have a significant impact on your health outcomes.

When you are checking the boxes on your Symptom Checklist that fit your symptoms or complaints you are creating a baseline snapshot of your health condition. Your baseline will give you a starting point in making educated comparisons between where your health is now and how it compares with where you’ll be in six months.

Symptom Journal is about you, your needs, your goals and your future. What do you want, what are your goals, what do you want your life to look like this time next year? It’s your life and your future; you are your best inspiration and we are committed to your best health future.