Perspective: The Goal of Your Monthly Questions

Your Daily Questions you keep track of your personal health statistics on an ongoing basis; answering questions about your symptoms, medication and environment on a daily basis. Recording your information consistently will help you know where you are today, next week, next month and next year. This consistent data collected gives you the opportunity for the best reports and overview of your health condition.

Your Monthly Questions are different. They are questions that are best answered with the perspective of a month’s time. These symptoms might be noticed each day, but better understood with a long- range view, seeing your symptoms overall impact on your health. In your Reports section you will be able to run the appropriate reports choosing data derived from either your Daily or Monthly Questions.

Awareness of Symptom Trends

Perspective is what we gain when we are aware of trends in our symptoms on a monthly basis. Each of the chronic health conditions has a set of monthly questions designed to track the most prevalent symptoms for your health condition. Consistent information allows you to make informed choices, when partnering with your healthcare professionals to make the best choices for your health future.

In your Monthly Questions area you will be able to input your current medications, supplements, treatments or special diets and track their effectiveness through the questions you answer either monthly or daily. By tracking your medication, supplement or treatments use you are better able to understand in a timely manner how well your different treatments are working towards creating better health. These discoveries are made quicker enabling you to save money, time, health treatment co-pays, doctor visits and saving you the frustration of symptoms not adequately treated.

Your Health Tools for a Better Quality of Life

One of the tools that we used in creating the Symptom Journal was to interview people with chronic health conditions and listen to their goals, dreams and needs. Time after time we heard that people found it difficult to remember important data that could help their doctor, including: when a symptom started, what preceded the symptom occurring, how their medication was working, what patterns they saw occurring in their symptoms or that a new medication was now producing new problems.

We talked with doctors in creating the Symptom Journal and their feedback was that their decisions are usually only as good as the information they gather or are given by their patients. Time is brief in an exam with a patient, a patient’s memory of an event or symptom can be different from what occurred because they can generalize or forget facts. Therefore, the doctors mentioned that the Symptom Journal seemed like a great tool for both doctors and their patients in capturing specific health information.

Symptom Journal was created by patients for patients to fill a need in the medical community, educational community and for individuals with chronic health conditions. It provides improved decision-making between your healthcare team and yourself, facilitating consistent data through symptom journaling.