Nutrition an Area Where You Can Affect Change

November 11th, 2009

Tamara Zablocki

Tamara Zablocki

What food and diet changes can do for you-

Nutrition is an area where you can create an impressive effect on your daily health outcomes. Food is considered the building blocks from which our body grows and fortifies itself, so this is an important area for people that are trying to rebuild or strengthen their body’s immune system. Nutrition can make a positive impact on everyone’s health, but especially people with chronic health conditions.

Each of the chronic health conditions that are featured at the Symptom Journal website has as a resource a nutrition section that covers some of the most important basic foods that can help your condition, along with a variety of diets that other people have found have made a positive impact on their health outcomes. Many health conditions are treated with drugs and we forget what a profound effect the food we eat each day can have on rebuilding, balancing, and strengthening our bodies.

For individuals with the various health conditions covered at the Symptom Journal website we cover specific foods and also a variety of diets including: The GFCF Diet, Feingold Diet®, The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, The Body Ecology Diet™, Rotation Diet, The Macrobiotic Diet, The Fail Safe Diet, GAPS Diet, and The Elimination Diet. These are diets that have helped others reduce their symptoms, as well as determine what foods worsen or improve their condition through different diet protocols while seeing the cause and effect between their food choices and whether their symptoms spike or abate. Your Report area acts as an in-depth overview, not only of your reaction to the foods that you eat, but how your other daily choices play into your general well being.

Whether you are a parent of a child with ADHD trying to reduce their hyperactivity, or an individual that suffers from Migraines trying to reduce migraine attacks, finding diet interventions that have worked for other people and can work for you or your child, provides a positive resource for affecting health outcomes. You start to realize that foods often mimic drugs and can affect our bodies in major ways, positively and negatively as much as medications.

What can food and diet changes do for our bodies? Below are some of the positive and negative impacts that food and diet changes can have.

  • Create an ADHD child or adult to be more hyperactive or calm them down
  • Help soothe some of the symptoms of anxiety or heighten them
  • Children or adults on the ASD spectrum with food allergies or gastrointestinal disorders can benefit from understanding what foods create reactions in their bodies
  • Individuals with Bipolar Disorder or Depression can finds foods that help even out their moods
  • People with Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Rheumatoid Arthritis can understand what foods trigger their symptoms flaring and target eliminating those foods through one of diets that are featured in their health condition’s Nutrition area
  • Individuals with thyroid disorders, whether hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, Graves’ disease or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, can find foods that assist in lessening or increasing their bodies thyroid production

All of these amazing changes can be achieved by changes in our diet, consciously choosing what foods we eat. The Report area of the Symptom Journal let’s you be your own health detective seeing what foods or diets create the most positive change in your or your child’s health condition.

Diet is an area where we can exercise our power of choice and see the benefits through our child’s health outcomes or our own. It is important for us to provide the latest information to our members about health and nutrition news that benefit their health outcomes. At our site you will find the latest information about possible endocrine disruptors that the EPA is currently studying that can alter the buy meridia online various endocrine glands, including the pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, pineal, thymus, pancreas, ovaries, and testes.

Why are endocrine disruptors an important area of concern? Our endocrine system is a system of glands and hormones that regulate some of the most basic and important functions of our bodies, including areas of growth, development, and maturation of the human body.  We cover this subject and will continue to provide breaking news within the Symptom Journal website, but a good overview is given at the National Resource Defense Fund’s website and we encourage you to read their information,

Watch for our next blog showing you how to stretch your food dollars, and at the same time, buy foods that are healthy for you and your family’s health. We will describe what foods are important to buy organic and what foods are safe to be a little more lax with when it comes to the “organic” label in stretching your food budget.

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Symptom Journaling: An Effective Tool for Better Health

November 5th, 2009

Tamara Zablocki

Tamara Zablocki

You are your best health detective-

Most of us are so busy with our lives already. Faced with another task to accomplish it can all seem overwhelming. So how can you benefit from symptom journaling? What is it and what does it accomplish?

Some good questions that I think we should explore so that we can give you a better understanding of the process, what is involved, as well as the positive benefits and how you can benefit from the process. Our technology only takes a member 2-3 minutes a day to answer their custom questions that have been designed for their specific chronic health condition, a simple way to help you create better health outcomes and a better quality of life.

Some of us were born with chronic diseases, while others propecia 5mg of us developed our chronic health conditions after being healthy individuals for many years. Whether we are students, employees, business owners, male or female, married or single, or a mother or father, your life is already full with responsibilities and the actions that make up your days.

Those of us with acquired health conditions may feel that our health condition started silently. You might have started noticing symptoms or you might not have felt yourself. Often times we find ourselves explaining away the symptoms; that it’s just the stress in our lives that is the cause. But then there is the first doctor’s appointment, maybe tests, and all the while you’re wondering, “When did it all start? Why didn’t I see this coming? How could I have prevented this? What is going to happen to me, and my loved ones? What are my options? Can I find a solution?

The Symptom Journal technology was invented to answers your health questions and help provide solutions to your health puzzle in conjunction with your health care provider. It gives you, the patient the opportunity to advocate for yourself in solving your own personal health puzzle. Symptom journaling can help you:

  • Track your symptoms
  • Isolate your symptoms and their causes
  • Track the effectiveness of your medication, supplements, therapy, and alternative treatments
  • Understand the cause and effect between your daily health and lifestyle choices and their affect on your health outcomes
  • Understand how nutrition and exercise can have a positive impact on your health outcomes
  • Understand what triggers your symptom spiking or abating
  • Understand how stress, sleep, and self-care can impact your health
  • See how our reporting technology let’s you connect the dots in your health puzzle, seeing the correlations between daily choices and their impact on your health daily and also over time
  • Gives you timely, consistent data to share with your healthcare or educational team
  • Make empowered choices through understanding the cause and effect of your health choices
  • Create the possibility of saving time, money, and energy through seeing in real-time the impact of treatment, nutrition, and self-care on your daily health

Each of us deserves to live our best life. My frustration initially ignited my creativity to create a system to help my son’s pediatricians solve my son’s health problems, and then when faced with my own debilitating illnesses I knew symptom journaling was the key to finding my way to a healthier future.

I shared my technology with many people that have also gained important health insights. I then fine-tuned the technology creating a web-based process that takes only 2-3 minutes a day to better understand your health and create healthier tomorrows through reports showing the impact of your daily health choices on your health outcomes.

Finding answers to your health challenges just got easier, because symptom journaling is a simple, fast, and effective way to be your own health detective. Giving your doctor consistent,timely information is one of the best ways to assure better health outcomes.

Join us and make symptom journaling part of your daily health commitment.

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Symptom Journal Beginnings

September 14th, 2009
Tamara Zablocki

Tamara Zablocki

It amazes me in how many ways creating SymptomJournal.Com parallels giving birth to a child. We are at approximately 42 weeks; we are about two weeks overdue. I am as inspired, engaged and excited about our launch, as I was with my kid’s births, incredible, but true. I have put so much of who I am, and what I believe into the creation of the Symptom Journal that it feels very much like my child.

We began with the anticipation of what it would be like, nothing like it has really been. Just like hopes and dreams for our kids, Symptom Journal has left me incredulous with what it has become. This was an organic process, messy like art at times, all of us stretching and giving it our best. I was able to bring together some wonderfully talented women who believe, like myself, in enabling people with chronic health condiitons through symptom journaling to have a better quality of life.

We have all stretched using our abilities and talents to create the best experience for our members. Just as a pregnancy can seem like it has engulfed our lives for what seems like an eternity, our time creating the Symptom Journal seems like it has been fast and also a very long process at times. What unified us and kept us strong was our commitment to our members and our hope that we could help them have healthier lives.

What at times seemed like hurdles in the beginning, brought us together in the end, the excitement growing as birth drew near, our talents woven together, bringing us to our moment of birth. We went through many transitions, more than just the one you have with birthing a child, and each one made our buy prescription pills team stronger, unifying us in our mission. It was a miracle that brought us together, grew our team, allowing us to push through to this moment of birth.

You are our inspiration. Our passion is what drives our commitment to give the very best of ourselves to you and the Symptom Journal. We will strive to keep it real, vulnerable, from our hearts, timely, professional, fun, and growing to meet your needs and filling an important place in your lives.

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